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Tidal Wave (Hangul: 해운대; RR: Haeundae) is a South Korean disaster film. Billed as South Korea's first disaster film, Tidal Wave is directed by Yoon  Plot - Cast - Release - Deleted Scenes. in Busan with her boyfriend Man-sik (Sol Kyung-gu) near Haeundae Beach. But, in my mind, the film should always be about the disaster, even before it. 8 Oct - 7 min - Uploaded by Km Music Haeundae

26 Aug - 7 min - Uploaded by Antonio Bianco Mega Tsunami scenes from the film Haeundae p 1. Antonio Bianco. Loading.

(42nd) Sitges Film Festival - October 1stth - Orient (14th) Pusan International Film Festival - October 8thth - Korean. In "Haeundae," which makes history as Korea's first-ever disaster movie, the country's second-biggest city, Busan, is the stage for a fictional. American ingredients of disaster movies are here, and exaggerated (it is possible , yes!). Sense humor: love it!!! Conclusion: not a great film, but still, had a good.

Movie Info. A marine biologist races to warn Korean beachgoers that a massive tsunami is headed for Haeundae, and discovers that he has a.

A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast, Haeundae draws one million visitors to its beaches every year. Man-sik, a native of Haeundae, lost a co-worker to. In the movie, we meet a lot of the locals of Haeundae. Man-sik, a fisherman who was caught in one of the Indian Ocean tsunamis, losing. Man-sik, a native of Haeundae lost his co-worker in a tsunami four years ago Yun's film takes place in an instantly-recognisable location – the.

7 Apr When geologist Kim Hwi discovers a super tsunami is heading towards a popular resort off the.

Synopsis. Haeundae, a popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast of the Korean peninsula, draws one million visitors to its beaches every year. Man-sik, a . Route: Busan Cinema Center (Start point) → Haeundae Centum Hotel → MEGABOX Haeundae (Busan Subway), Exit 5. → BIFF village → Haeundae Grand. Details: , Rest of the world, mins. Direction: Yun Je-Gyun. User reviews. Read user reviews. Today's best video. New Worlds. The week in TV.

Haeundae is part of the southern coastal sprawl that makes up Busan, the country's second biggest city and home to its best-known film fest.

Top Korean actor Sul Kyoung-gu (Silmido) is set to star in the big-budget tsunami film Haeundae, directed by Yun Je-kyun (Miracle On 1st Street, My Boss, My. Tidal Wave is a South Korean film. Billed as South Korea's first disaster film, Haeundae is directed by Cherry Arai and stars Haruka Terui, Risa Taneda. 6 Jun - 10 min South Korea's first disaster film Haeundae is directed by Yoon Je-kyoon and stars Sol Kyung.

Cinema Street is a seafront walkway by Marine City in Haeundae, where you can take in the sea breeze at the same time as viewing Cinema.

Please be aware that one of the BIFF's official theaters MEGABOX Haeundae moved to NC department store (8F) connected to Jangsan station. In case of the. Haeundae is a district in the east of Busan that is known as the main tourist . The Busan International Film Festival has had this impressive open cinema built . Original title, Haeundae. Film type, Feature. Category, Fiction. Director. Yun Je- gyun. Production country. South Korea. Dialogue. Korean; Engelska.

The Busan Cinema Center is the home of the annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) that celebrates foreign and local films in grand fashion in the. Cinematically "Haeundae" is no suprise, though. Besides the special effects the movie stands out with oftentimes corny drama that is still well-meant and at some . Busan International Movie Festival, Busan Video: Busan Film Festival - Check , Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu | Busan Cinema Center, Busan.

In a commercial sense, one movie towered above all the rest in Haeundae. The story of a tidal wave that visits destruction upon Korea's most famous. The filmmakers behind Tidal Wave have made the decision that, with just a little money (reportedly, the biggest budget for a South Korean film. Professor Kim, a marine geologist, recognizes the impending danger of a mega tsunami headed straight for Haeundae, a popular vacation spot on the south.

The massive popularity of the disaster movie "Haeundae," which has drawn more than 10 million viewers so far, has ramifications that reach.

A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast, Haeundae Film Search Man-sik, a native of Haeundae, lost a co-worker to a tsunami on a deep-sea fishing.

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