Unityobject Js

"> var uniObj = new UnityObject("3d".

How is placed in the webplayer folder. How do I initiate the build process to have placed in the folder if the "Offline. I've read in the Unity documentation 'Working with UnityObject': "Please note that the file hosted on the Unity server is minified [. download_webplayerx//uo/", function () {.

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look like this: SJrviva' "siand ">.

, , Unity/Editor/Data/Tools/UniScITE/ subfolder, UnityGUI control, converting cursor to, – file, Updatefunction, 96, After compiling the build, you can find your game in a folder named Web Player. It contains three files: , , and 3d. Offline Deployment: By checking this option, Unity will place the file , which is used to interface the player with the host page, alongside the web.

If the Offline Deployment option is enabled for a webplayer then the UnityObject. js file (used to interface the player with the host page) will be placed alongside.

As this page says, I included this code inside my html file: ">. And tried to integrate with.