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POD HD JOHN PETRUCCI tone MESA BOOGIE distortion Amp Simulation [DREAM THEATER]. POD HD SLASH Tone MARSHALL Amp Simulation [PATCH - USB Recording]. POD HD STEVE VAI Tone DISTORTION "The Love of God" guitar sound [LINE 6] PATCH Settings in the video. CustomTone is a place for you to trade Line 6 presets, and connect with other Line 6 users. It's totally free, so POD HD Pro X. POD HDX. CustomTone - Line 6 CustomTone - Help. 2 Apr - 8 min - Uploaded by gearwire Back with Dave Lenat in the Gearwire studio, we continue our look at the new Line 6 POD.

15 Nov - 7 min - Uploaded by Line6Support How To Create and Save A Preset on The Line 6 POD HD For more helpful videos and.

1 Jul - 4 min - Uploaded by ChoptonesOfficial Patches available on Rate, share, comment, like! Playthrough demo.

2 Jan - 15 min - Uploaded by Jim Dalrymple This is how I create a preset using Line 6's Pod HD stompbox.

8 May - 1 min - Uploaded by ENLASCUERDAS Like!! Subscribe!! https://www. Loading and sharing presets for Line6 POD pedals requires Line6 Monkey Also has overdrive, volume, delays, and an optional octo reverb in it. HD screen displays the FX and/or Presets that are currently assigned to your. POD HD footswitches FS1 through FS8. Footswitches FS4 - FS8 can be configured .

Other Pod HD patches: LePoing Plugins Presets + Cab Impulses: I might get an HD, will these patches work on the desktop and.

For example, if you downloaded a POD HD Preset and want to run in on your POD HD Desktop, checkmark the box Patch HD Presets.

Line 6 Pod HD - Mesa Boogie & ENGL Presets - Metal Tones. Some metal presets which ive made with my pod. Dean Vendetta with Seymour.

Line 6 were amongst the first to create realistic-sounding modelled guitar amps The HD's preset sounds range from straightforward classic amps with a.

Pads · Bumper Music · MainStage Pads Player Patches · Helix Patches · HX Effects Patches · Kemper Performances · POD HDx Patches · Chord Charts. PODHD Preset Tool -- Modify And Convert Line6 POD HD Presets, Setlists And For the POD HD / POD HD X / POD HD Desktop / POD HD Pro / POD. Also, I found some great basic tones by blasting through the hundreds of presets in my HD Some very cool organ like tones & filters really.

Featuring brand new HD Amp modeling, POD HD also features effects Save Button - Press this button to save changes to a factory preset or your very own. Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Line 6 POD HD pod hd is about the best processor i have ever used the presets are great i haven't found any. This is for a collection of over9, Line 6 POD HD tones / patches. Most of these HD tones are made by players who own the Line 6 POD HD and.

The HD is the flagship multi effects floor processor from Line 6. This multi effect unit features built-in effect presets, 16 fantastic amp.

Just wanted to thank you for this. I works great with scenes. I had mine setup before with effects on the switches and fs enabled. Took alot of.

POD HD POD HD POD HDX. POD HD POD HD X Bundle Buy Link. POD HD Direct to Clean Channel Amp or Amp FX Return Presets. Use your POD HDX or Pro X as a MIDI controller, an audio interface for recording guitar, and EQ feature to perform room correction EQ without reprogramming individual presets. Line 6 POD HDX guitar effects processor tube photo. This Guide covers POD HD with FLash Memory version installed. The Performance View screen displays the FX and/or Presets that are currently.

It is also recommended that you backup your current presets by using POD HD Edit to create a preset bundle, allowing you to include. *These Presets Work With The Following. Line 6 POD HD Units. POD HD , POD HD , POD HD , POD HD Bean, POD HD Pro, POD HD X, POD. There's a long list of features available with the Line 6 POD HDX so I'll I spent most of my time creating and saving presets on the PC then.

Stream POD HD Ambient tone preset download [The Ralph] by The Ralph from desktop or your mobile device. depending on the preset selected in the HD Moreover, if you play a Variax guitar, you'll have the possibility to control everything with your. These are from the HDX patch collection and ALSO from the HD patch 5xs to work with the NEW HDX pedal and POD HDX Edit software!).

Convert & Modify POD HD Presets Submitted by zab on Mon, 16/04/ - This tool has grown over. Line 6 POD HD Manual Online: Saving Presets. To retain any customization you may have performed on your Preset, or if you want to rename or move the. The new Line 6 POD HDX is the company's most impressive effects can be configured in any order and stored in preset locations.

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