Top 10 Worst Drivers In The United States

Nov 20, Often it's drivers from a neighboring state invading their lane, but some The South speeds ahead – Five of the top 10 states with the worst. Aug 29, Steer Clear: Here's Where To Find America's Worst Drivers And here's the 10 cities that sit atop of Allstate's Best Driver's Report: Brownsville. Feb 7, Everyone thinks the worst drivers live in their state. Minnesotans were near the bottom (the good part) of the list in almost every category. Michigan. Michigan drivers obeyed traffic signals (50th out of 51, which is good).

Early reports show over 40k traffic deaths for in the U.S. alone; The state earning 1st this year has never been a top-ten worst state; Four of the below states  The States with the Worst - Death and Crash Totals for.

Oct 23, Terrible drivers exist everywhere — and don't get us started on teen drivers — but some states harbor the worst among them. Whether it's.

Sep 28, Information on city population was gathered from the U.S. Census out our updated top 10 list for the best car insurance carriers of the year.

Aug 21, These are the top 10 worst driving states in America in and Florida slipped from the #1 spot last year.

Dec 5, More than three-quarters of commuters in the United States — For the Bankrate Best States for Drivers Study, we looked at and just 10 percent of roads are in poor condition, according to the Bankrate study. Jul 12, Summer, the busiest driving season of the year, is upon us. After last year's study on the Best and Worst Drivers by City, we reanalyzed America's best and worst drivers based on where they live. 10, Salt Lake City, UT. Aug 21, Smart Asset conducted a study to determine the states with the worst drivers in America. To figure out who was truly the worst, they used four.

Aug 28, Overall, five of the 10 worst states were located in the South. Massachusetts has the best drivers, while Vermont, Connecticut and New York.

Aug 16, The South speeds ahead – Five of the top 10 states with the worst drivers are in the South. These states tended to have the highest fatality rates. Jan 22, The U.S. has a fairly good track record in these regards, but certainly doesn't top For example, the World Economics Forum only places the U.S. at rank 10 of when it comes to road quality. Best & Worst Driving States. Dec 14, That's not surprising when you consider that, according to our recent study of the best and worst drivers in the US by city, five of the top 10 cities.

Aug 21, The site also found that the southern region of the United States is among the worst for driving with five states ranking in the top ten. Top Ten.

Sep 6, Are you a good driver? Sure 'bout that? The reason I ask: Psychological studies have shown that when it comes to assessing positive attributes.

May 8, In this list, we look at the 20 states with the worst drivers. Well, because this small-in-size state is the top performer in drunk driving—quite literally ranked #1 for drunk driving. Compared to the nationwide 10 North Dakota. Aug 24, Study ranks Alabama among top 10 states with the worst drivers Alabama Ranked One of the Least Healthy States in the Country · News. Jul 12, A new study came out finding the worst cities for driving in based on put together a study on finding the best and worst cities for . Chicago, IL. The Windy City ranked second to last in traffic and.

Dec 5, Here's where Oregonians fall among best, worst drivers in the U.S. Seattle is among a fistful of cities that have flourished in the 10 years since.

Jul 30, Which U.S. cities do drivers experience the most claims in? Allstate's data shows which U.S. cities are home to the country's worst drivers, led. The rest of the ten worst driving states are: Missouri, Texas, Florida, On the other end, the people of Rhode Island came out as the best drivers in the country. Aug 24, Tennessee drivers second-worst in the nation, study finds Five of the top 10 states it ranked as having the worst drivers hailed from the South.

Dec 21, 10 for the worst states in the U.S.. The list from Car Insurance Comparison noted that because the Show-Me motorists had not been in its top

Jul 12, Elsewhere around the state, Cleveland climbed from No. Here are the top 10 cities with the worst drivers, according to QuoteWizard's list.

Aug 21, MIAMI - Congratulations, Florida drivers, you're no longer the worst in the country. We're still in the top ten, so let's not get crazy and start. In a new study, Washington has the 5th-worst drivers in the U.S. California at best and worst drivers by city, where Seattle ranked more in the middle of the pack at as the worst drivers, one of five California cities in the 10 worst drivers list. Jul 12, Sacramento drivers are among worst in U.S., study says. Why 'things are looking Top 10 worst drivers in America for 1. Omaha, Neb. 2.

Dec 26, While New Jersey drivers might have a reputation, their state didn't crack the top five worst. Aug 22, Five of the top 10 states with the worst drivers are in the South, according to the study. Smart Asset says these states tend to have the highest. Best and worst drivers in the U.S.: Dayton ranks No. Study ranks top 75 city metro areas, Columbus in the Top 10 worst.

Aug 20, Florida again is one of the states with the worst drivers in nation, according to a study conducted by What earned us a spot in the top 10?.

Nov 16, DC, Baltimore among America's Worst Drivers, Allstate says The remaining top 10 include Huntsville, Madison, Laredo, Midland, Cape Coral.

Aug 13, Greer was named the city with the worst drivers in the U.S., Probably a lot of bad local drivers trying to emulate the good German drivers.

Aug 23, If you think Arizona has the worst drivers in the country, you aren't far off. The Grand Canyon State ranked among the top 10 for worst drivers in a report Five of the best Arizona Cardinals games in the last 10 years. According to Allstate claims data, the average driver in the U.S will experience one collision every 10 years. This year, Allstate researchers analyzed property. Aug 8, Norfolk placed in the Top 10 of U.S. cities with the worst drivers on list compiled by the company Insurify.

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